Kiddos Mix-N-Match Pack Royal Blue
Kiddos Mix-N-Match Pack Royal Blue

Kiddos Mix-N-Match Pack Royal Blue


A sapphire color that oozes patriotism, these U-Lace royal blue elastic laces are on-point.

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Color Description: Kiddos Royal Blue is famously awe-inspiring. The definitive team color, royal blue is deep enough to match with light colors, and dark enough to stand on its own. It’s one of the most fun colors to play with during pattern design. The color is directly from our spangled flag. Kids that love sports, games and American tradition will not get enough of these classic blue segments. These no tie elastic laces are a cut above the rest. Grab a few sets of these to transform your sneakers into pillars of team spirit!

Royal Blue Pack Includes:
6 royal blue no tie elastic lace segments
A color instruction guide and lacing manual
2+ packs of segments required to complete 2 sneakers
General Information:
Designed for Kids ages 3-11, Adults with smaller shoe sizes and High-Fashion Sneakers or Sneakers with grommets.
6 U-Laces included per pack, enough to lace a single sneaker.
Each U-Lace Measures 2.35” Long and 0/.33” Wide.
Angled, Heat-Treated, domed tip design for ease of install and increased comfort.
Works with most classic-styled sneakers with eyelets.
One Size Fits Most. Fit is customizable.
Uniquely made from durable, woven, yarn-dyed polyester fiber and Lycra.
No Latex.
Made in China.

When buying keep this in mind – you’ll need at least 2 packs of any kind of U-Lace Mix-n-Match Pack to lace a pair of sneakers. IMPORTANT:One pack of Kiddos Royal Blue for example will only lace one kiddos sneaker.

*Sneaker sold separately, only shown for product demonstration.

Check out the original website.

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