Classic Mix-N-Match Pack Neon Green


It’s impossible to be in the sneaker game without having a collection of Neon shades in the line. Neon is so hot in sneaker fashion and fashion in general, that Neon is a modern must. Fortunately, U-Lace has 5 of these electric Neon shades in our line of Modular No-Tie Sneaker shoelaces.

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Color description Classic U-Lace’s These Stretchy Modular shoelaces are a traditional shade specified to pair with current sneaker and fashion color trends.

It is Electric, Exciting, Fresh, Cool, and Shocking.

If you want to Electrify your sneakers to match your Electric personality, lace up your sneakers with these Neon Green U-Lace No-Tie lace.

Neon Green Pack Contents:

– 6 Neon Green – Classic-size – U-Lace No-Tie Shoelaces

When buying keep this in mind – you’ll need at least 2 packs of any kind of U-lace Mix-n-Match Pack to lace a pair of sneakers.

IMPORTANT: One pack of Classic Neon Green for example will only lace one classic sneaker.

*Sneaker sold separately, only shown for product demonstration

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