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Häufig gestellte Fragen

At U-Lace we always try to be as clear as possible regarding our products and services. That is why we created a special Frequently Asked Question section on our website. If your question regarding how to order, create a account and other technical stuff please look at the customer help page or send us an e-mail via our form.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

They are elastic shoe laces that replace your standard string shoelaces. They fit and lock together so your trainers become slip-ons and you can customise your lace colours and create awesome designs and patterns.

A special type of lycra fibre that we’ve developed so it has the right elasticity for an easily adjustable, comfortable fit.

Our tie-less laces are designed for customisable fashion and comfort. They eliminate the need to tie laces and give your shoes a designer look and feel. If you want different patterns and colours, you need to buy multiple packs. The more you buy, the more chance you’ll get to experiment and find that look and style you want.

No, sorry. U-Laces need to hook in with your trainers’ eyelets.

They can be adjusted according to your chosen lacing pattern. All laces come with a Fitting Guide, essential because not every trainer fits everyone in the same way and not every foot is the same.

You might like a snug fit, a loose fit, a super-tight fit, a bit snug here, a bit looser there. There are all kinds of combinations of fits, and with so many unique patterns available, you’ll easily be able to find your perfect fit, so your trainers feel just right.

Sure. We’ve shipped millions of packs of U-Lace no tie laces to customers across the world. Check out our ratings to see our customer satisfaction levels. 95% of our buyers say they’d purchase again and recommend us to friends.

Despite all this, we get that there will always be customers who don’t like what we do. So, if at any point during the 30 days after you’ve received your U-Lace delivery, you decide you’re not a fan, we’ll take them back and give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Please only open 2 packs to test the product as this will give you a good idea if you like them or not. Please make return requests by

Convert your trainers into slip-ons. Let you customize their look and design. Turn plain old kicks into bright new kicks

6 shoe laces, which is enough to convert 1 shoe. So you’ll need 2 packs to convert a pair.

Yes. U-Laces were designed for trainers but they’ll fit any shoes with eyelets. Boots, hightops, you name it, U-Lace lets you customise it.

There are 3 main differences:
KIDDOS are 25% thinner than CLASSIC.
KIDDOS are one quarter shorter in length than CLASSIC.
KIDDOS aglets are 20% slimmer in profile than CLASSIC.
(Aglets are the plastic tubes at the end of each shoelace.)

Our no-tie laces are designed for casual wear and active play. So if you use your trainers for things like moderate running, jumping and skateboarding, U-Lace will be great. If you’re going to get really active, you’ll need something stronger like U-Lace Performance laces for competitive sports.

In 29 European Countries​

Now distributed in over 40 countries in the whole world  and sold in some of the best shops in the world, including Colette in Paris, U-Lace is rapidly changing the way people lace-up and how they express themselves through their footwear.

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