Classic Mix-N-Match Pack – Army Green


When people say gimme that green, they usually mean money. Well so be it.
Cop a set of U-Lace’s Army Green Elastic Stretch Sneaker Laces and they’ll have you feeling like a million bucks.

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Color description Classic Our laces are the same color of green worn by armies all over the world. It’s a bit darker than olive green but is a great substitute for it in a pinch.

And don’t forget, Green is the color of life, energy, freshness and yes, envy – for those who want your friends to covet your unmatched style.

We never wanna tell you how to rock your u-laces, but something we’ve seen others do is to mix this with Wheat and Tan to create a fresh on-trend camouflage look. Now that’s fresh.

Army Green Pack Contents:

– 6 Army Green – Classic-size – U-Lace No-Tie Shoelaces

    When buying keep this in mind – you’ll need at least 2 packs of any kind of U-lace Mix-n-Match Pack to lace a pair of sneakers. IMPORTANT: One pack of Classic Army Green for example will only lace one classic sneaker.

    *Sneaker sold separately, only shown for product demonstration

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