Classic Mix-N-Match Pack Lavender


Team Maroon is a deep, rich shade of maroon used by many sports teams. Thus the name Team Maroon.


Color description Classic Honestly, we don’t have a clue how we got away without having these U-Lace modular No-Tie Laces in the line for over 2 years. Thank goodness that nightmare is over.

Lavender is straight dope’ness. Like Pink Lavender is no longer a ‘girly’ color, it’s an everybody color and a quick peek at sneaker fashion and design will quickly back that up. Whether it’s entire sneakers or accents is fire.

It is purple spoken with a bit of a whisper but don’t be surprised if these U-Laces scream a bit too. It is still exciting, but it’s also genteel and even artsy. So long old ladies with lavender hair, is now a color of youth and creativity.

It is a lot like ketchup; some like a little, and some like a lot. In either case, you can never go wrong.

Lavender Pack Contents:

– 6 – Classic-size – U-Lace No-Tie Shoelaces

When buying keep this in mind – you’ll need at least 2 packs of any kind of U-lace Mix-n-Match Pack to lace a pair of sneakers.

IMPORTANT: One pack of Classic Lavender for example will only lace one classic sneaker.

*Sneaker sold separately, only shown for product demonstration

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