U-lace Kiddos Neon Yellow
Kiddos Mix-N-Match Pack – Neon Yellow

Kiddos Mix-N-Match Pack – Neon Yellow


Well here it is, the top-dog of the entire Neons tribe; Neon Yellow. Neon Yellow might as well be call Watch-Out-Now! Yellow, or You-Can’t-Miss-Me Yellow. Because Neon Yellow is the one Neon color that is used globally as an attention getter – both in fashion and road signs alike.

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Color Description: U-Lace Kiddos A Modular No-Tie shoelaces will not disappoint when it comes to upholding the mission of being a true attention getter. It is Intense, Electric, Energizing, Loud and Brash. It will never cower or hide. No matter your personality, Neon Yellow will give your sneakers a bit of “look over here” brashness to them. If you’d prefer to not be seen, maybe leave it for another day. Be daring and energetic with this iconic color on your feet.

Neon Yellow Pack Contents:

  • 6 Kiddos -size – U-Lace No-Tie Shoelaces

General Information:

  • Each U-Lace measures 2.35” Long and 0/.33” Wide.
  • Angled, Heat-Treated, domed tip design for ease of install and increased comfort.
  • Works with most classic-styled sneakers with eyelets.
  • One Size Fits Most. Fit is customizable.
  • Uniquely made from durable, woven, yarn-dyed polyester fiber and Lycra.
  • No Latex.
  • Made in China.

When buying keep this in mind – you’ll need at least 2 packs of any kind of U-Lace Mix-n-Match Pack to lace a pair of sneakers. IMPORTANT:One pack of Kiddos Neon Yellow for example will only lace one kiddos sneaker.

*Sneaker sold separately, only shown for product demonstration.

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